Which PS4 Should I have To Buy Fat Slim or Pro Model

Which PS4 Should I have To Buy Fat Slim or Pro Model
Written by Aamir Sabir


HelloEveryone today i am back with a very demanding topic i received a lot of requests from Readers. So the wait is over and now i write some important features that help all of you to choose the best PS4 Model to buy. Stick with this post to know “Which PS4 Should I have To Buy Fat Slim or Pro Model” more about these. I try my best to write this post in simple and quality content that anyone can understand it easily. Now come to the topic which PS4 should i have to buy.

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Which PS4 should i have to buy PS4 Fat, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro



Present day there are 3 models of PS4 in the market. The first is old and original PS4 Model now we called it Fat PS4 Model after the launch of second PS4 Slim Model. Third and the latest model of PS4 is PS4 Pro Model. These all are different in features and processing power. PS4 Fat and Slim Model are equal in features and processing power but the only difference in the size of consoles. Slim Model is little smaller and lighter in weight. These both are available in 500GB and 1TB storage capacity to save more data and games. PS4 Pro is very powerful console’s these days, Sony increase the processing power to play the games in 4K. Playstation 4 Pro can play any game that supports 4K without any problem or processing speed issues. Pro model only available in 1TB storage capacity.



This is the first model of Playstation 4 series. It’s little huge and heavier than all other later PS4 models. PS4 Original model now also available in stores at cheap prices. If you have low budget problem than the best choice is this PS4 Model. Because it’s also available in many different offers to get a best and cheap bundle. Furthermore if you want to have an optical audio out connector than this is the best choice, PS4 not have this feature. PS4 Fat and PS4 Slim both have same processing power. All the PS4 have HDR Graphics in supported games. It’s available in 500GB and 1TB harddrive data storage capacity.



Sony launched another version of PS4 in 2016 and named it PS4 Slim Model. It is a smaller and light version than original fat PS4 model. It’s easy to carry while traveling and more beautiful finish and design. It’s not much powerful compared to latest PS4 Pro version but give same processing power like Fat PS4 Model. One more thing i want to tell you that PS4 Slim does not have an Optical Audio Connector. PS4 Slim equipped with new Dual Shock 4 Controller design and look but the hardware specs are same like Old Dual Shock 4 Controller. It’s have choice of storage capacity of 500GB and 1TB.



This is the most powerful PS4 model these days. It’s specially built for the features to support HDR and 4K graphics TV’s and Games. For 4K graphics you need to have a 4K supported game and 4K supported TV. Furthermore, PS4 Pro model can play all the PS4 games with improved performance and graphics. It’s can play all the old PS4 Games with better performance than Fat and Slim PS4. This model have a slightly change in Dual Shock 4 Controller, Sony added one another light bar on the front of the controller. PS4 Pro only available in 1TB storage capacity. Furthermore if you don’t have a 4K supported tv then it’s also worth to get higher framerates and HDR details Graphics.



Which PS4 Should I have To Buy Fat Slim or Pro Model

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