Sonic ALL-Stars Racing Tranformed

Written by Aamir Sabir

Sonic ALL-Stars Racing Tranformed

Sega’s Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed is a pure clone of Nintendo’s Mario Karts with swift different gaming experience you think what is the different! huh, i tell you guys their are lot of features but the mostly it’s a transformation feature you can race as cars on the roads and hovers on the water and jets in the sky. the cars transformed into hovers or jets and back on cars on the required terrain. you can enjoy 3 gaming experience in single master piece “Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed”.  Graphics are really beautiful and some frame-rate reduction seen in some maps (that surely can be improved with no slowdowns). it’s runs very smooth without any glitches and slowdowns. I have tested by myself and i have’nt found any glitch or slowdown. Notable, I haven’t played much Sega games so can’t really relate to the majority of the characters. This game can be compared to mario kart or mod nation racer only, speaking for portables.


1) you can enjoy 3 mechanisms,
      Cars Racing, Highspeed Boats Racing, and Jets Racing.
2) All the Characters are Built in highly detailed,
      Voices, Motions/Animations.
3)  All Characters have unique driving experience and
4)  All Characters cars can be customised different ways for
      required races.
5)  Beautiful Stunning graphics with unique effects, Colourful
      world and runs smoothly.
6)  Levels are changes by time to time, Lap 1 to Lap 3.
7)  Fast and easy drifting System that’s gives level 3 of boost.


1)  Actually it’s not have any cons but if you play hard it’s 
     eally hard to complete 1st position.
2)  If you want to unlock all characters then you must play
     hard and get 1st position.
     for some users it’s really a pain.

otherswise it’s a perfect enjoyment on PS-Vita owners.

A very good Mario Kart based game for the vita port.. But its the same game with same exciting tracks, awesome soundtrack, beautiful scenarios and well balanced races. Game play is really fun with all the weapons, water-boats and Air crafts for different characters. The online mode is unplayable.  the overall cute colored graphics and well balanced weapons makes this game on vita a good alternative to ModNation Racer. The game almost looks like the PS3 version until you see the water. Its a better game than mario kart 7 or mario kart wii. Limited Edition comes with the DLC pack for you to download Outrun Bay, extra modes and of course Metal Sonic, all for FREE!! Overall this is a good buy for me. (“-“)

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