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How to Unsubscribe From All YouTube Channels at Once

how to unsubscribe all youtube channels at once
Written by Aamir Sabir


HELLOtoday i am come with absolutely easy solution to a time consuming problem. Yeah, that’s right If you are subscribe to lot of Youtube Channels it’s a headache to unsubscribe them. Really it’s takes lots of time to unsubscribe one by one if you planed to unsubscribe all of them. Don’t worry if you planned to do that because today i am come up with best solution for that job. So let’s get start this awesome way to do this task stay connect to this post. “How to Unsubscribe From All YouTube Channels at Once”.

“If you planned to Unsubscribe only specific channels than keep reading this, Only planned to Unsubscribe some of the channels not all of them. This post also have solution for that task,,



Before we started i want to clear some things first. This solution cover’s these tasks…

  • If you want to Unsubscribe all of the Youtube Channels
  • Want to Unsubscribe only some of the Youtube Channels

Both the requirements that listed above will completed with this method. So get started.

  1. fast method to unsubscribe all youtube channels at onceFirst open Youtube website and you need to login to complete this task.
  2. After login open this link Youtube Subscription Manager or click on drop-down menu icon on the top left corner that shows in the picture. Then click on the 8th link name Subscriptions in red color (Shows in the picture).
  3. how to unsubscribe youtube channels at once 2018Subscription Manager page is open and shows all of your subscriptions here. Now it’s time to copy the code listed below and paste it to web browser’s address bar.
  4. Then Press Enter on Computer or Click go on Mobile/Tablet.

“Note: I used this method using Computer and every time it’s worked. But i also tested it on Mobile Device’s and it’s worked there too. If you are facing any problem than please update your device’s browser’s to latest version,,

Copiare il codice elencato di seguito;

(function () {
var Btns = document.getElementsByTagName ( ‘pulsante’);
for (var i = 0; i <btns.length; i ++) {
if (Btns [i] .dataset.isSubscribed == “True” ) {
if (!! Btns [i] .dataset.showUnsubConfirmDialog) {
delete Btns [i] .dataset.showUnsubConfirmDialog;
Btns [i] .Click ();
}) ();

After pressing enter you are unsubscribe from all of the Youtube channels that are showing of the screen. There are no confirmation dialog box will be show on screen nether any message will be shown. I going to clear one important point that only the channels that are showing on the screen will be unsubscribe. So scroll down to view as many channels or try it again and again as required. Only two to three tries are enough to unsubscribe all the channels. If your list is huge then more tries will be required.

Finally i hope this post is very useful and helpful to all of you. I am trying to write it in very simple words to get easily by anyone. If you like my post “How to Unsubscribe From All YouTube Channels at Once”. Then don’t forget to share, comments and like in facebook page.

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