How to solve PSN Stuck or Freeze Game Downloads

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 Manyof us facing this problem one or more times while downloading games from PSN on PS3 (Playstation 3) or on PS4 (Playstation 4). In this post “How to solve PSN Stuck or Freeze Game Downloads”. I will going to tell you the 100% working solution to solve this PSN Halfway Game Downloads and Stuck problem. So stick to this post “How to solve psn stuck or freeze game downloads” post. Here i am will show you what is the reason for this problem and how we will get rid of it when it’s appear in our entertainment life.

When you face this problem you delete the download process again from the scratch but you can’t succeed. It’s again stuck on exactly at the same point where stuck previously. It’s become headache in our Gaming Entertainment life when occurs. So don’t worry i will show you the GUARANTEED working solution of this problem. How to solve PSN Stuck or Freeze Game Downloads.



This is happend only when the DATA Sectors or Incorrectly downloads and saved on the Harddrive. I will going to explain it little detailed. When we downloads or saved any type of DATA (File) on the harddrive or any other flash media device like memory cards. The File saved in parts of Sectors on the harddrive. It’s need a wide details but i will stick to topic and explain only little part of it that is related to the topic.
Actually when we start the game download from PSN store. The console system check the file integrity and starts the download and Continue downloading the game/s. When downloading games from PSN store they have a good feature that is very helpful to complete the downloads 100% correctly means a fully working game. The feature is that while downloading game/s from PSN store the system checks the downloaded DATA and it’s integrity that is saved on our system’s harddrive correctly. The DATA on internet downloads in Packets (Called DATA Packets). If DATA packets are not correctly downloaded then System’s (Game Console) resend the msg to PSN Server to resend that packet again and saved to Our System (for example PS4, PS3, PS Vita).
When the Bad DATA (Logically Bad Sectors) are saved and created on the harddisk then the system can’t delete that Logically Bad DATA from harddisk. During checking the file Integrity the system found is Bad DATA and recall the PSN server to resend that DATA Packet again to save on the hardrive but failed again and this process continues in circles and never progress further. So the downloading is completely stuck there. It’s stuck on any point when reaches 15%, 37% 59% and on even 99%.


The 100% working solution of this problem is listed below in details please read it completely and try this. How to get rid of PSN games downloads stuck problems.
  • When the game downloading is stuck on any point for example 47%
  • Please PAUSE the download and don’t delete it and restart the new download
  • If you delete the stuck or freeze download. Then start a new one from scratch it’s gauranteed that the new download also stuck on same exact location at 47%
  • So get rid of this problem you must PAUSE the old download and start the new download of same game from scratch
  • This time you notice the progress bar increased and passes the 47% to further and completed 100% the game download
  • After completed the download please don’t delete/remove the stuck download that you PAUSED in previous steps
  • Because if you delete the stucked game download. Then the new game download in the future is stuck again there where the Logically Bad Sectors are created
  • The new game can’t progress from there location where it is stuck or freeze
  • So it’s better to keep this Stuck download

“If you want to completely rid of this problem keep reading this post”


Solve the PSN Game Downloads Stuck Problems

This is the hard way or called the long way to get rid of PSN games downloading stuck problem. Actually it’s not a hard way but a time consuming way. Because it’s needs more time if you have a lot of stuff on your GAME CONSOLE. Actually When the Logically Bad Sectors are created on the System’s Harddrive. Then it can’t removed by simply deleting or removing the DATA. Means it’s can’t recover by deleting the games from Playstation 4, Playstation 3 or Playstation Vita. So you must have to recover it from scratch first easy method. By following that when this problem occurs you must run the Console’s file checking utility. It’s check’s the system’s file system and harddrive errors and fix them if they are found. All this process takes 5 minutes to completes the process sometimes takes 7 to 10 minutes.
The second is a time consuming way in this you must have to Completely FORMAT the console system’s partition. Before taking this step you must make a full BACKUP of the system to RESTORE DATA after taking further steps. CAUTION FORMATING THE SYSTEM’S PARTITION REMOVE THE COMPLETE DATA FROM THE CONSOLE SYSTEM. So take this step carefully means must FORMAT the system after FULL BACKUP of the game console. I hope  you like the post “How to solve PSN Stuck or Freeze Game Downloads”.

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