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How To Increase Android Phones Internal Memory

How To Increase Android Phones Internal Memory
Written by Aamir Sabir


Hi That’s a very interesting question these days for those who are using the little old model of android phones. Because most of the time they are facing this problem. After successful installation of some apps from google play store then the phone show’s the message not enough free space to install this app. The reason of this problem is that the old android phone’s have less internal memory. One more thing i am going to clear that the mobile phone’s internal memory called as ROM. Before buying a new mobile phone check the ROM size these are available in today market as 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. The issue is mostly comes in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB android phones. Continue to read “How To Increase Android Phones Internal Memory”.

You can expand the phone’s memory by adding a SD Memory Card. Internal memory is very important to install and run the device processes and apps. Because most of the apps required to run from internal memory, not from external. So now i am going to show you some useful methods to get rid of low internal memory problem in the future.



There are many ways to get rid of this issue some of are temporary and the only one solution is permanent. Temporary solutions can let you solve this issue for some period of time or give you the space to install some more apps. By using the permanent solution you can install as many apps as you like, i mean you got a lot of free space. Now i am showing you all the possible solutions to increase internal phone’s memory.

  1. First check you android phone’s software version if it’s shows the 6.0 or Marshmallow or above. Then it’s very easy to increase the internal memory by just one tap.
  2. Open phone’s “Settings” Menu.
  3. Go to “Storage” option.
  4. Open SD Card option. Then tap on more or menu button on the top right corner or pressed your native menu button. Now select Settings option from there.
  5. Choose “Format as Internal“.
  6. All data will be lost on memory card message appears, select YES if you backup your data or you don’t care about it.
  7. Select “Erase and Format“.
  8. After some time your memory formatted.
  9. Now reboot the device to accept the changes.


This is the 100% working method for all devices on all firmware versions. It’s a Root Access Method it’s a little bit complicated method for some new users. But actually it’s not as hard as it’s looks. There are two famous free software that works like awesome I personally use these software to get Root my android devices. Easy root access device software names listed below. Click on the links to go to their website and download one of it or both of them. The choice is Yours.

  1. Kingo Root
  2. OneClickRoot

These two software root the devices almost free of charge. If one failed to root your device try the second one. After successfully rooted. Then Try these steps.

  1. After rooted go to google playstore and install LINK2SD app.
  2. Now tap Link2SD to open it. A new tab is opened.
  3. Here Link2SD will ask you the file system for the new partition.
  4. Choose Ext4 or Ext2 But i preferred Ext4. Then tap ok.
  5. After that the device ask for the permission to reboot the device.
  6. Again after rebooted tap on Link2SD and you will see new funnel icon on the top left corner or 3 dash icon.
  7. Click on it then follow the instructions shown in the image below. how to increase internal memory using link2sd guide
  8. Now click the option key and choose multi select. Then tap to choose all options. All of the choosed will be selected.
  9. After tap on option key choose action and tap on these three options like shown in the above image.
  10. Link application file, Link dalvik-cache file, Link library file. Then tap to ok.
  11. Now the Link2SD will move all the apps and games to the second partition. Tap on ok to finish.

“It’s very simple but every time you want to install the new app you need to go to these settings, Tap on auto link and choose these three options and then tap ok to complete,,


If your phone’s not running on the software that mention’s above, then don’t worry follow these steps. Now i showing you some useful tips to get rid of this problem.

  • First way to get started if possible then “Backup” your data. Sync the account data to google account. Move the other files data to memory card or on your computer. Then “Reset” the phone to factory settings.
  • The best way to increase internal memory is free up some space by deleting or moving your unwanted data. Because lots of people have unwanted data on there phone internal memory and it still there even it’s never required. Check all media, photos, documents and other files data folders on main memory or internal memory. Delete or move to external memory card.
  • Go to “Settings“. Look for “Application Manager” then tap to select it. Here you can examine all apps then remove/uninstall unwanted apps to free up some space.
  • On “Application Manager” you can move the applications to SD Memory Card. Check all the apps settings and move the apps if the “Move” option is available.
  • Now tap the camera icon and open your mobile phone’s camera app. Then tap on “Gear” icon or open “Settings” Menu. Now select “Storage” location to External Memory or Memory Card.
  • Install a free app from google play store to delete junk and temporary files that are stored on your phone’s time to time. For example “Clean Master” App.



Let’s start now to get it. The first solution that i told you is permanent and mostly used solution for that problem. To increase the internal space you need to swap the internal partition to external partition. For this task you need to buy a New Memory card or used old if you already have it. If you are going to buy new memory card then make sure how much size of external memory card is supported. Maybe you get a large space of memory card you insert it into your phone, then unsupported memory card message will be shown. So it’s better to make sure before getting a memory card. I recommend 32GB or 64GB memory card are good for this task. Almost any android phones supported 32GB and 64GB external memory.

Phone’s Memory Swapping is a difficult method actually you must have some knowledge to do this job. If you are not familiar with android phone’s technology then take your time to deep search on internet. There are lot of tutorials and videos available to do this task. I will also upload a complete guide to do this job. Actually it’s not hard but take your attentions a lot.


Finally, i hope you found this post very useful “How To Increase Android Phones Internal Memory”.  Due to it’s simple, unique and quality information i am sure you like it. Please don’t forget to share it with your friends and relatives. Bookmark this blog or add it to your favorites to get latest updates.

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