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How to Download Fix Missing DLL files Errors Windows 7/8/10

Written by Aamir Sabir

How to Download Fix Missing DLL files Errors Windows 7/8/10 shows you the superb step by step tutorials with video. Before we get started now i am going to write some description about the DLL files. What is dll files?. Actually DLL files are a package files that have code and Data for required some programs to work properly. It’s same like a gears in a machine to run completely. One DLL file are shared and used by multiple programs on our computer. When we uninstall a program from our computer then the DLL files required by other programs also removed. Sometimes we haven’t it all from scratch. So when we running a program we receive dll files missing errors like. “Error program Name, dll filename is missing”. (How to Download Fix Missing DLL files Errors Windows 7/8/10)

Hey, Don’t worry it’s very easy to fix this error in just a minute or two. All you need to note down the name of that dll file and download it on your computer then paste it on the required location. That’s it. Ok Now let’s start.


1. First run the program again that required the dll file/s missing error.

2. Note down the name of missing dll file. for example we need to this dll files “msvcr100.dll

3. Now go on to this website ( or search it on google.

4. On the search bar on the website mentioning above. Type the name of dll file and hit enter.

5. Here it will come up with some matched files. Choice for Required OS (32/64bit) and some versions.

6. Click and download the latest version of dll fileĀ  for your OS (Operating System).

7. Select to download on Desktop to find it easily after downloaded.

8. The file downloaded in rar or zip package. Right click and extract it to the desktop.

9. Now copy the dll file (for example “msvcr100.dll”)

10. Now paste it into thisĀ C:/Windows/System32 folder.

11. Hurray, That’s it.

12. Now run the program again and enjoy.

13. This fix also 100% worked on Windows Vista and Windows XP.


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