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How to Check the Blog Comments is Dofollow or Nofollow?

how to check the blog comments is dofollow or nofollow
Written by Aamir Sabir

Link building is very important segment of blogging it’s gives your blog getting high page ranks in search engines. Besides this your blog also need the quality content posts. Link building also called Backlinks for your blog that’s increases the page authority and page rank in google search engine and in others too. First and the best way to making good link building is to comments on dofollow blogs which transfers page rank to your blog. Keep reading (How to Check the Blog Comments is Dofollow or Nofollow?)

Difference between Dofollow and Nofollow Links

Dofollow links can pass a link juice to your blog. If someone creates a link pointing to your blog with dofollow link html attribute. Search engines bots and people follow your link and really benefit your website to get a high Page Rank. Google counts the dofollow links to how many users are linking to your blog in order to measure the how really good the blog is.

Nofollow links are the same html attribute with the nofollow tag that’s tells the search engines to not follow the link of the blog. It’s not pass the link juice to your blog to get high page rank in search engines but it’s very important with the dofollow links strategy. Nofollow links have this attribute rel=”no-follow” along with the link. If you want to instructs the search engine to do not follow any links from the page then content=”nofollow” attribute will be used on the blog page.

How To Check the Blog is Dofollw or Nofollow

There are many ways to check the blog is dofollow or nofollow. But here i am discuss about the two famous and easy methods to do the job. First i am going to show you the very easy and fast method and i am also using this method personally. There are many useful extensions in Google Chrome Browser to highlight dofollow links. Ok, now get’s started.

  1. First step is to install the google chrome extension.
  2. Click this link to Download the Chrome Nofollow Extension.
  3. Go to the blog post that’s already have some comments.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page on comments section.
  5. Now have a look on the already written comment.
  6. If the Author Link of the comment is outlined with dotted border then it’s “nofollow” blog showing in the picture to check nofollow comments on the blog
  7. Furthermore if you see a Author Link showing without outlined then it’s a dofollow blog. Example showing in the image to verify the blog is dofollow comments or not
  8. Nofollow chrome extension also show you the every link on your page to verify the link is dofollow or nofollow.

Another Simple Manual Method

It’s a page source code method. This method is old and very famous method but it’s a time consuming way to check the blog comment is dofollow or nofollow. Because you follow these steps every time when you want to check another blog.

  1. Go to the desired blog to check the comments are dofollow or nofollow.
  2. Now Right Click on the blog page.
  3. Scroll down the Right Click drop down menu and click on page source.
  4. When the page source is opened press and hold Ctrl key and press F, to open the search dialog box.
  5. Type nofollow in search dialog box.
  6. If you found a link or many links with rel=”nofollow” attribute. Then this is nofollow blog comments.
  7. Furthermore if you found the link or links without rel=”nofollow” attribute then it’s a dofollow blog.

How to Check the Blog Comments is Dofollow or Nofollow?

Finally i hope this post is very useful and helpful to all of you. I am trying to write it in very simple words to get easily by anyone. If you like my post “How to Check the Blog Comments is Dofollow or Nofollow?”. Then don’t forget to share, comments and like my facebook page and follow it.

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