How to Completely Wipe Your Personal Phone Data

How to Completely Wipe Your Personal Phone Data
Written by Aamir Sabir

How To Completely Wipe Your Personal Phone Data

In this post i am going to tell you all the steps to completely wipe your android phone data. It’s very important task if you planned to give or sell your mobile phone to someone. Because anyone have some private data saved in their smartphones, so make sure it’s completely erased before give or sell it to anyone. Don’t worry if you want to wipe or erase the android phone data this post will help you a lot. So stay connect with this post and keep reading “How to Completely Wipe Your Personal Phone Data”.


Important Steps Before Wiping Your Android Phone Data

Before completely wipe or erasing your phone data keep these few things in mind. Maybe you need that data in the future so be ensure before wipe or erasing it. I am going to listed few things below have an eye on them.

  • Backup or transfer your Phonebook to another phone or on computer.
  • Recheck Gallery for pictures and videos. If you find some important then backup or transfer.
  • Transfer your Notifications and other Reminders Data.
  • Update or Re-Sync your Google Account Data to make sure it’s updated. It will downloaded to new android phone when you login and set Google Account on.
  • Note down all of the other’s accounts that used on the phone. Sometimes lot’s of people set and forget the accounts which are they used on last phone.
  • Don’t forget to note down all the utilities and apps that you loved to use on your android device.
  • Also save or sync your saved Games Data if you have on your android phone.

Now i clear all the recommended things to take care about them before erasing phone data completely. I mention all of these because most of the people did not backup all of the data and erase it. So get in loss when they remember or erase something important on their old phone.


Step by Step Tutorial

All right, everything is backup and we are going to completely wipe the android phone data.

  1. Go to your apps then tap on Settings Icon.
  2. Before we go to Factory Reset first we must have to take one very important step to not lock down our phone after Factory Reset.
  3. Scroll down and tap on Accounts. Here you tap on Google Account. Tap on more on the right top corner and choose Remove the Account. Or On some versions Tap on Account Prefences and then Tap on Delete your Google Account. Now go back to Setting Screen.
  4. Then scroll down until you see Backup and Reset and then tap on it.
  5. Now select Erase Internal Storage.
  6. It’s time to Tap on Reset.
  7. Now the phone shows a dialog box to Enter the PIN and tap on Continue.
  8. Here is the final confirmation shows and you tap on Erase Everthing last time.
  9. Now it’s time to wait, the phone restart automatically and start the erasing process. You have to wait about 3-5 Minutes. After erasing all of the data the phone will restart again and ask you to enter your details and choose language etc.

Now you can donate your phone or sell it to any when without any problem. Have a nice day, That’s All.

“NOTE: If you have some very very personal data on your phone, Like Pictures or Videos Then you must have to follow more steps to ensure the data will not be recovered by any mean. There are several methods to recover data. So if you want to do that than click on the link listed below that tutorial really deletes everything and the data never recovered by any method,,

How to Permanently Delete Data from Smart Phone Permanently Never Recovered

Finally i hope this post is very useful and helpful to all of you. I am trying to write it in very simple words to get easily by anyone. If you like my post “How to Completely Wipe Your Personal Phone Data”. Then don’t forget to share, comments and like my facebook page.

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