Customizing Nintendo 3DS Desktop Apps Icons Perfectly Easy Access

Written by Aamir Sabir
Hello Everyone today i gonna show you how to setup, configure or customize your New Nintendo 3DS or Old Nintendo 3DS Desktop for easy of use. Many of us install games and apps and use it as usual. By doing so we face little bit of dificulties to find the right thing on the right place for faster access. So it’s best to customize the desktop games and apps icons for faster access.┬áCustomizing Nintendo 3DS Desktop Apps Icons Perfectly Easy Access.

Customizing Nintendo 3DS Desktop Apps Icons Perfectly Easy Access

In this Article we are going to customize the Nintendo 3DS desktop. We place the mostly used games and apps icons on the start of the desktop and place the unused icons to the far right of the desktop.
It’s gives you one more benefit if you share your Nintendo 3DS with your brother, sister and your friend because they can’t edit your system settings accidently. They also cannot edit or delete your apps and games unwantingly.


In this tutorial i will cover step by step actions with pictures for understanding easily. First i will tell you that most of the users like the 2 rows of icons setup on the 3DS desktop. Because the icons are looking very small and very big so it’s looks best.Now lets start, first you can make a little plan and examine your all the installed apps and games. Then plan what you need first or mostly used place them in first place, like i setup i mostly used System Settings and Music (App) Player so i place it to first place.



This is the Two rows of icons setup shown in the above picture.

Note that the Nintendo 3DS Desktop menu icons are place in upside down sequence. So keep in mind while configuring the icons.

Now tap and make all the icons very small as shown in the picture it’s very easy to complete the task. Because all of the icons are shown same time. Then start to move and place your icons as planned.

Place the System Settings and Music Player App or any other app that you frequently used at start of the Desktop Menu.

Configure all of the games and apps icons as categories. I mean keep 2 or 4 box of spaces between each of the category or type of games or apps. For example keep AAA games separate from Indie Games and also separate Nintendo Classics from other games. Follow same rules for Apps.

And also configure all of the icons as same types or same franchise. Like i placed all of the Super Mario Games besides each other. I did same for Kirby’s Games and Pacman Games. Keep doing for all other types as you like. You can configure it by type for example place all Racing games beside’s each other. Also do it for other types.

Now move far right side and separate all of the icons of apps that you cannot frequently used. By doing so you can configure your 3DS system from others. To mess up your apps settings if you share your 3DS with others.

I hope you like this little tutorial of How To Customizing Nintendo 3DS Desktop Apps Icons Perfectly For Easy Access. Please share it with your friend and come back MyTechGarden for New tips and tricks, Tutorials and solutions of problems. I hope you the post. Customizing Nintendo 3DS Desktop Apps Icons Perfectly Easy Access.

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